This article first appeared in the inaugural edition of Modern Military Magazine.

MMAA is proud to have more than 80 chapters and forums connecting the LGBTQ military community around the world. Through the work of regional directors, our chapters promote a healthy, safe space for members to connect, build friendships and seek help that they may need.

We educate members on the unique challenges the LGBTQ community may face, share important information, host group events and ensure we have a strong presence within the broader military community. And our regional directors are able to connect members with MMAA staff that can provide much needed assistance on a variety of topics.

For many of our chapter members, MMAA has become their family through companionship built over meals shared, theme parks visited, karaoke nights, game nights, food booths, info tables, Pride marches and volunteering as a group.

Connecting with community can often feed the soul, especially when stationed far from loved ones or in areas that may be difficult to connect with local LGBTQ communities. As we strive toward full equality, the benefits for building up our communities are endless.

We are proud of our chapters, and we are working to revitalize many by looking for motivated regional directors to bring the community together. Our regional directors are our “capeless superheroes,” working to build our chapters while building bridges to the broader military community so that they understand the unique challenges we still face.

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