After a successful partnership last year, The OUT Foundation and the Modern Military Association of America are teaming up again to celebrate U.S. service members (both those who have passed and those who are living) who have made an impact in the LGBTQ+ community.

The OUTMemorial fundraising campaign is centered around the memorial CrossFit workout “MURPH” which is performed by CrossFit affiliates around the world every Memorial Day. While this year will likely be different due to the impact COVID-19 has had on CrossFit Affiliates, historically this “Hero WOD” involves participants wearing a weighted vest to symbolize the weight of the gear service members carry.

Those donating $20 or more to this year’s OUTMemorial fundraising campaign will receive a limited edition patch to add to their vests to show their support for LGBTQ+ veterans and service members.

“Without the sacrifices of veterans, and the often silent courage of LGBTQ+ veterans especially, we could not have the freedom to live openly and do the work that we do,” said Will Lanier, Executive Director of The OUT Foundation. “We’re so proud of this partnership with the Modern Military Association of America as we stand together to do everything we can to support the LGBTQ+ community.”

All donations received will be split evenly to support the work of The OUT Foundation and the Modern Military Association of America, both registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

“At the end of the day, all that our LGBTQ+ military and veteran families are asking for is to be treated fairly, with the dignity and respect they deserve,” said Modern Military Association of America (MMAA) Interim Executive Director Jennifer Dane. “Unfortunately, much of the progress our community has made in recent years toward that goal is now being threatened and rolled back. MMAA is committed to advancing fairness and equality for the LGBTQ military and veteran community, and we are proud to work alongside The OUT Foundation in that fight.”

To further celebrate LGBTQ+ service members, The OUT Foundation and the Modern Military Association of America have created their own Hero WODs to share on social media through Memorial Day. Check them out and learn more about the service members they are dedicated to at

All donations to the OUTMemorial fundraising campaign must be made by Wednesday, May 20th to ensure those donating $20 or more receive their limited edition patches in time for Memorial Day. Please keep in mind there may be shipping delays due to COVID-19.

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