As we begin Pride Month, we are in the middle of a watershed moment in this country. As hundreds of thousands of Americans peacefully gather to protest and express their outrage over the killing of George Floyd, we join with them to demand true systemic change and unequivocally say Black Lives Matter.

Pride Month is about celebrating authenticity and demanding equality for the LGBTQ community. And that demand for justice and change must include addressing the ugly reality of racism. LGBTQ people come from all walks of life and skin colors, and unless all of us are equal, none of us are equal.

Our Black members and supporters are hurting deeply. And while we are here for all of our members, we are particularly here right now for our Black members. We must stand together, help each other, love one another and, most importantly, take action.

It’s critical that we are not distracted by those attempting to co-opt this moment to cause chaos, division, destruction and harm. The vast majority of us demanding justice are doing so peacefully, and we condemn all violence.

We are outraged and heartbroken at the events occurring across our country. In the fight for an anti-racist world, we have a responsibility to combat hate, discrimination and unfair treatment of our fellow humans.

This Pride Month is an opportunity to make real, lasting change, and we are resolved to join with the Black community to do just that.