For Pride Month, MMAA is teaming up with Veteran Roasters — a premium coffee company founded with a mission to combat chronic unemployment in the veteran community. 

Through July 1, use code MMAA on your order of their premium coffee roasted in small batches in Chicago, and you’ll receive 15% off your order. Plus, 50% of those profits will be donated to MMAA!

Your order will not only help support MMAA’s mission to advance fairness and equality for the LGBTQ military and veteran community, but it will also help Veteran Roasters with their own mission. There are over 162,000 chronically homeless veterans in the United States. Veteran Roasters Coffee is committed to making a difference by hiring and training these veterans in the coffee industry. They pay a living wage, assist their veteran employees with proper housing, child care, and support so they can concentrate on bettering themselves and roasting great coffee!

Veteran Roasters knows that without a fantastic product, their ability to sell more coffee, and thus employ more veterans, would not be possible. That is why they provide their veterans with training from some of the best roasters in the Chicago area. Their entirely veteran staff also bags, seals, and ships each purchase to ensure that they are sending their customers coffee they are proud of.

Whether you are a buying coffee for your home, office or restaurant, buying Veterans Roasters Coffee directly impacts the lives of veterans. For every bag purchased you are providing a job opportunity for a homeless or at-risk veteran.

Use code MMAA today to order your premium coffee and help make a difference.