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Rainbow Shield Certification

The Rainbow Shield Program is an online initial certification with yearly, continuing education training. Agencies and corporations receive culturally-specific and trauma-informed linguistic, administrative, and environmental resources and knowledge to effectively work with LGBTQ+ and HIV+ military and veteran communities.

The program goals are to:

  • Raise awareness about discrimination and injustice,
  • Increase knowledge among the affected populations regarding their rights
  • Amplify efforts to remove barriers for all vulnerable populations.

We anticipate restarting Rainbow Shield in the second half of 2023.

Available Training Series
  1. LGBTQ+ Introduction to Identity and Forms of Discrimination
    This training focuses on the continuums of identity (sexual orientation, gender identity, biological sex, gender expression), the impact of discrimination, relevant healthcare disparities, and ways to encourage a welcoming environment for all.

  2. Building Inclusion and Belonging In the Workplace for LGBTQ+ Military and Veteran Employees
    This training focuses on LGBTQ+ employees’ legal rights, improving psychological safety at work, and identifying barriers and considerations when hiring and retaining LGBTQ+ military veterans as employees. You will learn how to build and maintain an organizational culture of inclusion, belonging, and trust for all of your employees.

  3. Putting Affirmative Care into Practice for Military Service Providers
    This training focuses