Connect with LGBTQ+ Military Members and Veterans

MMAA chapters facilitate opportunities for mutual support, camaraderie, and leadership development for LGBTQ+ service members, veterans, military spouses, and family members.

We encourage communities to formally affiliate with MMAA to gain access to resources and supports to help your chapter thrive. Chapters have access to benefits and tools that can strengthen and engage your community. Each chapter strengthens the voice and impact of the MMAA community as we advocacy for issues of importance on Capitol Hill.

Five Reasons to Start a MMAA Chapter
  1. You care. You want to make a difference and use a collective model to strengthen our voices to advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ military, veteran, and their families. When brought together our members experiences and skills can make a difference.
  2. Stay connected. Whether you are an active service member, military employee, veteran, or military family member, your connections to the community are deeply valuable. MMAA makes it easy to maintain these connections and make new ones through social networking, events, and advocacy.
  3. Because no one knows the rigors of military service whether serving abroad or domestically. MMAA and its chapters can connect you to others who have gone through the same struggles and who share similar lived experiences.
  4. Make your voice heard. LGBTQ+ military, veteran, and military family issues are central to our advocacy efforts. On Capitol Hill, we effectively advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ service members, veterans, and their families – working to eliminate discrimination, anti-LGBTQ policies, and ensuring equal access to healthcare, benefits, and support systems. Chapter members bring a unique perspective to issues and your participation helps raise our community’s collective voice and strengthens our actions in support of these important issues.
  5. Everyone needs good reading material. MMAA’s magazine is included in your membership. The magazine focuses on a wide range of LGBTQ topic areas – stories you won’t find anywhere else.
Get Started
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